Monocle Magazine Issue 113

Monocle Affairs Defence: 

The US Marine is working on their own radio station.

Monocle Affairs Business: 

Infographic of Co-working spaces in the US and Great Britain.

Monocle Affairs Diplomacy:

Is the“Year of the Spanish Language”undermining a shared cultural diplomacy between Spain and Latin America?

Monocle Affairs Politics:

Female representation in Lebanese politics is low despite the countries reputation as a progressive country in the Middle East

Monocle Affairs Cities:

Bridge Wars around the revival of the Straits of Messina Bridge project which connects Sicily to the Mainland.

Monocle Affairs Defence 

US Marine in Radio Game

Monocle Affairs Business 

Co-working spaces

Monocle Affairs Diplomacy

“Year of the Spanish Language”

Monocle Affairs Politics

Female representation in Lebanese politics

Monocle Affairs Cities

Bridge Wars

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